Top 10 trainers and personality – what do your trainers say about you?

Trainers and your personality… ever considered the relationship?

Well: the trainers that you wear reflect a part of your personality. But then what? And which trainers suit your personality the most?

Read about the Top 10 trainers and personality below.



trainers and personality

10. Converse All Star High

The Converse All Star High is a traditional classic shoe. Widely accessible and compatible with almost everything.

People who wear this trainer may not always be very stubborn or outspoken, but they are very confident and stylish.

A shoe for people who know who they are and what they want.


All Star High Women's

All Star High Men's


Personality traits


Goal oriented





trainers and personality

9. Reebok Freestyle

The name says it all – freestyle, free style, or improvisation. A tough trainer for those who don’t always follow the rules.

For people who dare to take risks and look for the edge. Maybe even go over it sometimes. Because life is short, so it’s best to make something of it right away.


Reebok Freestyle Women's


Personality traits




No rules!



trainers and personality

8. Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro

The Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro is sturdy and sporty. A flexible trainer for flexible people.

People who easily adapt to any situation. Social people who think in solutions, not in problems.


Air Jordan 11 Women's

Air Jordan 11 Men's


Personality traits






trainers and personality

7. ASICS Mexico

The ASICS Mexico is a reliable casual trainer with a familiar sporty look.

That is why this trainer fits perfectly with the jack of all trades. For the go-getter who always gets a lot done with a flying start.


Asics Mexico Women's

Asics Mexico Men's


Personality traits







trainers and personality

6. Vans Slip-on

The Vans Slip-on is an easy comfortable shoe. Individualistic, if you can attribute such a characteristic to a shoe. Different from many classic trainers.

A real shoe for the creative. For the thinkers among us. And especially the informed, intelligent thinkers with a clear plan in mind.


Vans Slip-on Women's

Vans Slip-on Men's


Personality traits

Logical thinker






trainers and personality

5. Puma Clyde

The Puma Clyde is simple and classic, but at the same time stylish and immensely popular. In these trainers you will look well groomed and familiar.

For people who like to be seen and are invited to all the parties.

Why? Because they not only have style, but are also selfless and responsible. Traits that make you welcome.


Puma Clyde Women's

Puma Clyde Men's


Personality traits







trainers and personality

4. Nike Air Force 180

The Nike Air Force 180 is huge – you can’t ignore this. A great choice for enthusiastic open-minded people.

At the same time the Air Force 180 is reliable and offers incredible comfort. That’s why it is also a shoe for the leaders among us.

And perfect for inspiring figures who are good at enthusing others with their enthusiasm.


Air Force 180 Women's

Air Force 180 Men's


Personality traits







3. New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 is robust, sporty, and radiates quality. A trainer worn by determined organised people.

People with a mission who always go for the highest standard and never lose sight of the safety and stability of themselves and others.


New Balance 574 Women's

New Balance 574 Men's


Personality traits







2. Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Superstar radiates simplicity, speed, and style. For those who do not stop and go straight for their goals.

Being stubborn or difficult is not an option for these loyal people with unwavering perseverance.


Adidas Superstar Women's

Adidas Superstar Men's


Personality traits

Goal oriented

Fast pace of life





1. Converse All Star Low

The Converse All Star low is easy, accessible, and does not easily disappoint. Just like the people who wear this trainer. They are stable, selfless people who move along in all directions and never fall into doom and gloom.

And yes, there are of course exceptions.

Not so strange, since half the world wears All Stars. But those people actually wear the wrong trainers …


All Star Ox Women's

All Star Ox Men's


Personality traits






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